Red Bear Tipsy Cow and Brandy Salami


Tipsy Cow is a Red Bear original, inspired by a trip the team’s took to the Armagnac region of France. Here’s how it’s made: cuts of whole muscle, vegetarian-fed Angus beef are flavored with brandy, seasoned with garlic and aromatic spices, lightly smoked over natural oak hardwood, and aged for weeks to develop a deep red color and sweet, fruity flavor. A tip of the hat to the Tipsy Cow—this is all-beef salami is the real deal.

Red Bear is based in Chicago, Illinois, and all their meats are farm-raised, hand-trimmed, and crafted in small batches. There’s no fillers, there’s no hormones, there’s no nitrates or nitrites—just good, clean meat. When it comes to purity and quality, Red Bear bares the gold standard.

Country: United States
Region: Illinois , Midwest
Weight: 6 oz