We Invented the Dog Café for you.

Hi!! I'm Natassa, founder of Château Le Woof, and I saw the need for a café where you didn’t have to leave your best friend outside.  One night in 2015 I had a  dream where I was drinking a cortado, with my dog, inside a café. I awoke, and said “A Dog Café, that’s it!” Followed by, “What would I call it?”. My first thought was, “Château Le Woof”. Finally, a full food and beverage experience for you and your dog. The first in the US!

Finally, a great place for you and your dog to wag, eat, drink, and shop!

This is a safe space where you can work, hang out with friends, have brunch— all while socializing your dog in a fun and climate controlled environment. It’s not just a place for coffee and dogs… this is a premium shopping experience for you and your bestie. Shop the newest designer trends, organic treats, and a full assortment of chews and toys from mindful and sustainable brands.

Come get to know your neighbors and find new friends

Château Le Woof isn’t your typical coffee shop. Unlike other coffee shops where people are sitting and looking at their phones, here people talk to each other— Customers become friends, spend holidays together and create memories.  It’s a true space for community.