Freeze Dried Beef Liver | Tuesday's Natural Dog Company


Ingredients: Beef liver.

Description: Sourced from USDA inspected beef, these sliced beef livers have been freeze dried, which helps preserve important nutrients. 

Key Benefits: 
- Freeze drying is a method that removes water using pressure (rather than heat), which preserves the nutritional values of whole foods. The nutrients found in beef livers are highly bioavailable (e.g. easily digested and utilized by the body), and includes essential amino acids, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and more.

- Each bite sized piece is perfect for training.

- This single ingredient chew is super palatable.

- As a "high value treat", our Freeze Dried Beef Livers will help motivate your dog during training sessions.

- Stuff a few pieces into a puzzle toy to provide extended enrichment.

Made in USA