Vital Essentials | Protein Mix-In


Product Description:

Mix it up with Vital Essentials food toppers, the ideal meal mixer for both dogs and cats!

This complete and balanced freeze-dried cat or dog food topper is made with real, whole turkey. Turkey is a lean and healthy protein for your little carnivore, naturally high in Vitamin D and other important nutrients. Plus, our limited ingredient food toppers do not contain grains, gluten, fillers, dyes, artificial preservatives, or rendered by-products. 

This turkey food topper can be served as a complete meal on its own, or mixed into your dog’s or cat’s regular food for a hearty boost of protein. It’s the perfect dog food supplement to get more vitamins and minerals into your pup’s diet, or cat food mix-in to entice your finicky feline to eat.

Packaging may vary.

Product Benefits:

  • REAL FREEZE-DRIED TURKEY MEAT: This turkey dog food topper is bursting with the vitamins and minerals naturally found in turkey meat. Our freeze-drying process ensures you’re getting the good stuff!
  • BEST DOG FOOD TOPPERS: This grain free dog food topper is filled with the natural nutrition of real meat. It’s the perfect dog food supplement, mix-in or healthy addition to your dog’s overall diet.
  • FROM KIBBLE TO FEAST: Bone appétit! Turn your dog or cat’s boring everyday dinner into a gourmet meal with a tasty food mixer they’ll drool over. Your pal will look at you like you’re a master chef!
  • PICKY EATERS CAN’T RESIST: Entice your pet to eat even when they’re picky, feeling unwell, or losing their appetite. The tantalizing taste and scent of real meat coaxes even the most reluctant eater.
  • THREE WAYS TO SERVE: Top it, mix it, shake it! This dog or cat food topper can be sprinkled as-is, drizzled over kibble as a gravy, or turned into a pâté for a complete meal. Serve your way, any way!