Raincoats | The Long Dog Company


Fun cool colors in this strawberry forest print - unisex and delightful! (Yes, those are little strawberries in there...so cute.)

A 100% waterproof shell keeps your pup ultra dry while a soft fleece layer will keep them warm and cozy in the coldest conditions!

All of our rain gear features a velcro chest closure for an easy fit, longer backs for added coverage, an extended hood with an adjustable drawstring cord, and another adjustable cord at the waist! Our newest feature includes an upgraded leash hole flap for better durability, easier access, and added protection from the rain.

Fits accurately to size, meant to be fitted and snug. No stretch.

LDCC Warmth Rating: 8/10 Heavyweight Double-Layer Warmth

Fabric: Napped Fleece and Waterproof Laminate