Miss Cottontail by Fringe Studio


Let your dog enjoy ear-resistible enthusiastic multi-sensory play with the Fringe Studio Miss Cottontail Bunny Plush Durable Squeaky Dog Toy!

Get your dog to chew on this sweet and squeaky toy! Meet Miss Cottontail, Fringe Studio’s adorable Easter bunny who’s tough on the outside, but super friendly and fun on the inside! Miss Cottontail is built to last thanks to her strong binding and chew-resistant interior fabric layers to keep your dog from tearing through the toy. She supports your dog’s moderate chewing needs and provides multi-sensory entertainment with her loud squeaker, crunchy crinkle paper (in her soft, floppy bunny ears), and durable fabric construction. This adorable bunny is stuffing free to prevent playtime mess and is sure to satisfy your dog’s chewing and biting needs!


  • Easter-themed durable bunny plush dog toy made to last for longer playtime
  • Tough chew-resistant fabric layers to give your dog the deeper chew they love!
  • Helps satisfy and redirect your pet’s chewing urges and habits for healthy play
  • Includes a loud squeaker inside to entice your dog to engage with the toy
  • Contains crinkle paper in the soft bunny ears for extra textures & sounds that your dog will enjoy chewing on!
  • Stuffing-free for mess-free fun and strong binding to reduce wear-and-tear
  • Ideal for medium/medium-large/large dogs to enjoy
  • Best for moderate chewing and tugging play

Colour: Pink

Size: Approx. 31cm (length) x 15cm (width) x 5cm (height)