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Functional, solution based products with a little style that makes owning a dog a little less messy. Focused on creating quality product for feeding, food prep, containment, travel, care, play....and CATS!

Material Silicone
Target Species Cat, Dog
Brand Messy Mutts
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
Color Blue

About this item

  • SLOW FEEDER ALTERNATIVE – The groove design of this 10 x 10-inch silicone mat will slow your pet’s intake of food while providing therapeutic benefit of licking. Spread kibble, yogurt, wet food, peanut butter, supplements, or any of your pet’s favorites treats on the mat and let their minds work while prolonging enjoyment. Mat works for all cats, puppies, and dogs, especially for those with flat noses.
  • REDUCE BOREDOM & ANXIETY – As your pet works to get food off this mat, their minds will be stimulated, and they will be calmed and soothed by the promotion of licking. Perfect for stressful situations like bath time, vet visits, thunderstorms or fireworks. Licking mats also help distract from destructive behavior during separation or stressful times.
  • INTERACTIVE FEEDER – This lickable mat features a center bowl that holds up to 1 cup of your favorite liquids. Incorporate broths, eggs, or milks into the feeding routine while stimulating your pets mind. Freezer and microwave safe.
  • DENTAL HEALTH – Support your pet’s oral health with licking mats. The grooves and nubs help scrape the tongue, assisting with cleaning it. The licking action promotes saliva to keep gums and teeth healthy.
  • DURABLE SILICONE – Made from flexible, durable, and food-grade safe silicone. Each mat is BPA and PVC free and odor and stain resistant. We only use the highest quality for our products because your pet’s safety is our priority. Dishwasher safe or wash with warm water and mild soap.